Epic Store - I'm stuck at Step 1 of 9

Please try the following if you're stuck at Step 1 of 9 when launching the game


1. Missing Libraries

Please try downloading the latest x64 version of the Microsoft VC Redistributable library which you can find here -  https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/cpp/windows/latest-supported-vc-redist?view=msvc-170


2. You must give Bloons TD 6 access to your Epic account. 

On launch the game will display a permission prompt. You must accept this by pressing the Confirm button. You can revoke access at any time in you Epic account settings.


3. Disable any third party overlays or GPU optimization software. 

This can include:

- MSI Afterburner


- Nvidia Geforce Experience


Please ensure the programs are fully closed and not minimised to the taskbar


4. Close Discord

Some players have had issues with the Discord overlays. Try completely closing discord by right clicking on its icon in the taskbar and selecting 'quit discord'


5. Don't launch the game directly from the .exe

The game must be run from inside the Epic Store Launcher. 


6. Don't use a third party launcher

This can include

- Steam

- Heroic Launcher

The game must be run from inside the Epic Store Launcher. 


7. Don't try to run the game on MacOS or Linux

We don't currently support these platforms.


If these instructions don't resolve your issue, please follow these instructions to send us the game error log:

- Open the Epic Launcher and find Bloons TD 6 in your library.

- Press the ... button and select 'Manage' from the dropdown menu

- Press the folder icon in  the 'installation' section to open the game install folder

- Open the BloonsTD6_Data folder then find boot.config (it may just show as boot depending on your windows settings). Open the file in Notepad

- Remove the line 'nolog=' from the file and save. Close Notepad

- Now launch the game until you get stuck

- Close the game 

- Navigate to the following folder on your hard drive. 'C:\Users\[windows username]\AppData\LocalLow\Ninja Kiwi\BloonsTD6-Epic'. AppData may be hidden, you will need to have Windows show hidden files to see it. 

- Find files called 'Player.log' and 'Player-prev.log'

- Please submit a support ticket and submit those files with it.

Need more help? Submit a ticket here