Account Flagged for Hacking

What is a flagged account?

Bloons TD 6 uses an anti-cheat system to make sure that players who play unfairly are separated from players who play legitimately. This ensures that the game remains fair and fun for everyone. 

Your account may be flagged for reasons such as:

  • - Using a third party program to edit the game
  • - Using any mods (this can even includes mods which don't directly affect gameplay such as 4x speed)
  • - Using a pirated game client

When flagged, you will be unable to take part in certain online features such as:

  • - Contested Territories
  • - Public Co-op lobbies
  • - Online Boss Leaderboards
  • - Online Race Leaderboards

Unflagging your account

The simplest way to start playing legitimately is to create a new account. This can be done easily by logging out of your existing account from the main menu settings menu. Just press the "Logout" button and confirm that you wish to log out. To remove an email address or third-party login from your flagged account to a new account, please contact our Support Team. 


If you feel that you've been flagged unfairly, you can also get in touch with our Support Team. The best way to do this is by sending a ticket from inside the game. Please note that our support team will only remove a flag if it appears to have been a mistake on our part. Flags will not be removed just because you've stopped using mods / hacks. You will need to create a new account to play with legitimate users. 


Tips for not getting flagged again

1) Don't use mods on your main account

If you want to use Mods then please create a second "alt" account. This will ensure that your main account isn't flagged

2) Don't use pirated game clients

A large number of hacker flags are because a player has used a pirated client which has been distributed with hacks already enabled. 

3) Don't copy save files between devices / accounts. 

Manually copying a save file from one account to another can result in a ban. Bloons TD 6 uses a cloud save system which lets you maintain progress across many different platforms. You do not need to manually copy/paste saves. 


Need more help? Submit a ticket here