Open Data API

The Open Data API is an initiative from Ninja Kiwi to help app, website and bot developers to create rich user experiences using data from inside our most popular titles. 

For Players

Your Data

Some public data about your in-game progress is available through the API. This is the same, or similar, data that is available to anyone inside our games.  The data may include:

- Leaderboard position and score

- Rank / XP

- Guild or Clan membership

We've taken a privacy-first approach and take steps to exclude private information or information that might be used to track you. 


Players who participate in Leaderboards, User Generated Content and events may have their profile made available through the API. 


Accessing your data

Some apps, websites or bots might ask you for an Open Access Key (OAK) so that they can display information about your profile to you and others. You can generate an OAK token inside any of our games.  


Simply load the game, enter the profile management section and click the "Open Data API". From there you can generate a new token, refresh your token or delete your token. Tokens are valid for 90 days. 


When you refresh or delete your OAK token, it will take around 15 minutes for the old token to become inactive.  


When apps, websites or bots use your OAK token they don't have access to any additional private information. OAK tokens are purely to make it easier for developers to access your profile. 


For Developers

API Documentation

You can find the full documentation for the API at the following URL: 



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